LWC Exchange – Scenario 5

Public Affairs Management Real Time Project With Salesforce & Lightning Web Component

A company named Telcomo operates across the country in India. They wants to manage their conversation with different authority in Government and public leaders. The Telcomo corporate management team generally takes feedback from representative from government authorities, public leaders from different states, districts and blocks. They generally have calls, 1:1 meeting, 1:1 calls, email, events with representative from government and public leaders. We are going to implement this real time project with Salesforce and Lightning Web Component.

This salesforce project has been designed for developer have skills like setting up sharing setting, Implementing roles hierarchy, Integration, Lightning Web Component and Apex Knowledge. You can try it Individually or with small group of developers.

How Telcomo manage the Public Affairs before Salesforce?

Currently, Telcomo team is having these data in excel sheet. Now they want to use Salesforce to have 360 view of they are doing and present to it company board so that they plan their policies in interest of Indian people.

Telcomo Team Structure


Telcomo Data sharing Policy

  1. CEO and President Public Affairs can look all the data related to any meeting, calls, events happening around the country. They cannot modify any data in Salesforce Application.
  2. A state president and divisional manager can only see his state/divisional related data. State president and divisional manager can read and edit the data they own.
  3. A state president can see all data owned by divisional manager under him, but cannot edit them.

Telcomo – User Experience with Lightning Web Component

The corporate management team does not know Salesforce, so we have to keep user experience in mind. Business analyst requested to provide one page solution where they can easily create an email, meeting, call, event etc.

salesforce lwc project
  • All of these engagement can be done with one/many representative or public leader
  • These engagement can be attended from one/many employees of Telcomo

Quick Search of Previous Engagements with Lightning Web Component

Business users want to have easy search of engagement they have logged in Salesforce by these parameters:-

  1. Engagement Type
  2. Engagement Date
  3. Attendees
  4. State
  5. Upcoming Engagement Checkbox
  6. Previous Engagement Checkbox
Lwc search real time project

Engagement Reports & Dashboard

Telcomo CEO and country president want to see dashboard to view the engagement happening by

  1. Country level
  2. State level
  3. Divisional level

Salesforce Integration with Data Provider

The Indian government provides an open API which regularly updates the representative data on their server. We need to integrate the Salesforce system with them. This will ensure that representative can be easily found in Salesforce system by users.

To achieve it, create a sample open API which sends such data as per requirement and integrate the endpoint with Salesforce.

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