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LWC Exchange – Scenario 4

Generic Distance Calculator Service Component in Lightning Web Component

In this scenario, You are going to work on writing a service component in Lightning Web Component to calculate distance between two coordinates when location coordinates are passed to it as parameter. This service component should be called from some other Lightning Web Component which has input location component.

This problem statement has been designed for developer who are Intermediate in Lightning Web Component.

Problem Statement

Service Lightning Web Component

  • Create a service component which exports a function
  • The exported function should accept two different location coordinates
  • The distance calculator function should return the distance in miles between two coordinates

Main Lightning Web Component

  • Create a Lightning Web Component
  • It should have two input-location
  • Import the service component and its function
  • Call the function on a button click whose label is calculate distance
  • You should pass these location coordinates to distance calculator function
  • Show the result on UI

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