Showing Parent Related List on Child Record Page in Lightning Expereience

Do you have a requirement to show Account object related list on opportunity page layout in Lightning? In very first glance, You might jump to writing a custom data table Aura Component or Lightning Web Component, but I believe in Click not Code !!!


Lightning App Builder provides you the flexibility to build interactive application without writing a single line of code. It gives you related List-Single component which will allow you to add the Account object related list on Opportunity record.

The Related List – Single component shows a list of related records based on one specific object. For example, if you’re looking at a contact detail page, you can specify to see the cases related to that contact, without seeing all other types of related records. Use the Related List – Single component on an object page or on a custom page to add specific, related information in context for the page. Members can create records from the list and from lookups.

Steps to follow:-

  1. Open a Opportunity record page
  2. From Setup, select edit page option.
  3. Add the Related List-Single Component on the canvas.
  4. In the properties pane, select Account Name as Parent record

Select Your desired related list in Related List drop down and then select the type of Related List you want to show. For example, I want to show Contacts associated with Account on Opportunity.

Its time to save the page and activate it if you have not activated it.


In the similar way, You can show any parent related list on the child record page in Lightning Experience. That is the power of Lightning. Woohoo…!!

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