Path Assistant in Lightning Experience after Summer’19

You all have heard or seen Path Assistant in Lightning Experience.  Let’s recap it. What does path do? OK, Path guides your users along the steps in a process, such as working an opportunity from a fresh lead to a successfully closed deal.

We will focus on what has been changed and added in our Path. There are total three steps included while setting up a path in Lightning Experience.

First Step:- 

Name Your Path and Choose an Object

In Summer’19, There is no change in this step where it allows to choose the object and field for which you want to setup the path in comparison to Spring’19.

Second step:- 

Select Fields and Provide Guidance for Each Step in the Path

There is no change in this step too. For each step in the process:

  • Select fields that you want to appear for your users.
  • Provide guidance for success, like tips, links to Chatter groups or files, best practices, and policy reminders.

Third Step:-

Summer’19 brings change here. The third step allows you to activate or deactivate the path. Till Spring’19, You were able to see this screen in third step:-Capture

Summer’19 brings a new and exciting functionality related to path:-

  • When users reach a specific step in the path, help them celebrate their success with on-screen confetti.


Here you can choose the Picklist values to celebrate and how often to celebrate. There are four values available for celebration frequency. They are:-

  1. Rarely
  2. Sometimes
  3. Often
  4. Always

Choose what ever frequency you want and the Picklist values for which you want to celebrate and save it. The ability to customize the celebration will only come when you have checked the checkbox for Activate your path. If you aren’t ready to make this path available now, you can still save it and activate it later option.

Its time to test it. Before testing, make sure you have activated the path. Go to your opportunity record page and change the Picklist value of field as same as whatever you have chosen to celebrate.

You will see as below: –Untitled.png

Are you seeing the celebration on the screen? Isn’t it exciting? Thanks to Summer’19. As you are seeing the image, are you able to notice any change? I can tell one check the shape of Mark stage as Complete button in path. Its changed to rectangular.

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