Case Merge Button in Salesforce Lightning

We all were missing the merge case functionality in Salesforce and relying on the AppExchange packages. The idea was created a long ago to deliver it. You can find that here:-

The summer’19 bring great news to us as the case merge button will be available in Lightning in Salesforce. As per Salesforce, Case Merge will be an Open Beta in Summer ’19 (with a target GA in Winter ’20).

Merge your duplicate cases like you merge your duplicate accounts and contacts with Case Merge. Now, you can consolidate up to 3 duplicate cases so your agents can get through the clutter and focus on what’s important, your customers.

let’s see how you can merge your cases with this new functionality.

Step 1:- You need to add the button on your page layout. Remember to add your Merge Cases Action in Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.

Note:- This functionality is not available in Classic. Even if you have added the button in standard button section, it will not appear on the page layout in Classic.


Once you have added to the page Layout, You can check it by going to the record. Refer below image:-Capture.PNG

Click on the Merge Cases action appears on the highlight panel of the record. It will open a popup to select the cases to be Merge.Capture.PNG

You can select 2 or 3 cases at a time to merge. Once you have selected it, Click on next. It will give you option to select your master case and master case field values.

Note:- When you merge cases, the master record is updated with the field values you choose. All related lists, feed items, and child records are merged into the master record.


It will be Showing fields with different values.If you want to see the all fields for the each record, scroll down and click on show all fields , it will show all the fields for each record.


If you want again to see only different field values for each of the selected case to be merge, click on show different fields only.


Choose your master record and field  values for the master record. Click on next. Refer below image:-Capture.PNG

Once you clicked on next, It will take you to the final step where you need to confirm weather you want to merge them or not. It will say:-Capture.PNG

Its time to merge them. Click on Merge and It will merge them. Lets see what happens now:-


You can see the updates on master case but you can no long able to access the case which you have merged with master case.


You can check case comment related list on master case:-



  1. Its a good feature, but its not visible to me, I added a button in layout, but not visible on detail page, can you please help on it.

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