Customize the Help Menu in Lightning Experience

As an admin, We always wanted out of box functionality to add custom help links to our help menu. The idea(Customize Help & Training Link on Homepage in Lightning) was created one year ago and it has been delivered in Spring’19 release.

Salesforce redesigned the Help Menu to make room for your own resources. Guide users as they work in your org with links to your own URLs to websites, PDF files, videos, or Trailhead mixes. Let’s see what, how and why we should do it.

Where you can see this feature? This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Before the feature comes into picture, Have you remember how it looked:


The Help Menu had three sections. They were:-

  • Getting Started—Resources to help users and admins get up and running in Lightning Experience. Different resources are shown to users and admins. As you read the suggested resources, more topics are rotated to the top of the list, so you’re continually learning something new.
  • Help for This Page—Page-relevant assistance for when users have a question while working. If there’s no suggested resources for the page, the section is hidden.
  • More Resources—Links to keyboard shortcuts, Trailhead, Salesforce support, and feedback to Salesforce are shown to everyone. Admins also see a link to release notes. Everyone can search for Salesforce documentation in the Help Menu, see top results, and read topics without leaving the app.

What has changed? 

  • The help menu got an extra section called Custom Help. 

Where does it gets added?

  • If you choose to add this section, it appears at the top of the Help Menu on every page in Lightning Experience.

Can we rename the Section?

  • Yes, You can name the section and decide which resources to display.Help Menu in Lightning Experience

How to Enable this feature? 

  • From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter Help Menu in the Quick Find box.
  • select Help Menu, You will see as below:-


  • Give a name to your custom help menu section.


  • Add  up to 15 resources to your help section.


You can add at most 15 resources in your custom help section. In order to do it, You need to provide the label and the URL of the resource. The URL can be of internal or external in terms of Salesforce.

To add PDF, DOCX, PNG, GPG etc. You can upload it in Salesforce and use the file record URL or use some external source.

After adding a resource, Click on New Resource button to add more. You can reorder them by clicking the arrow sign.  Once you have done adding and sorting the resources, Click on save button.


  • It’s time to Enable the custom help menu. You need to click on the toggle option shown below:-


Its time to see, What we have done, Click on Salesforce Help Icon(?) on right top of the Lightning screen. It will look like as below:-


Note:- If you have more than 2 resources added in your custom help section, still it will appear 2. To see rest of them, Click on the arrow sign exist right of custom section title.


It will take you to all the resources you have added to the section as below:


Note:- If you want, you can hide Salesforce resources. Turn off Show Salesforce Help Content to Users. The Getting Started section, the Help for This Page section, and the ability to search Salesforce documentation are hidden. The links to keyboard shortcuts, Trailhead, Salesforce support, and feedback to Salesforce are always displayed. As an admin, you always see all resources.

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