LWC Exchange – Scenario 1

Org Level Pending Approvals Consolidated View by Objects

In this LWC scenario, We are going to learn building complex Lightning Data table, Calling Apex Class, Using Lightning Tabset and Tabs, showing toast, handling errors etc.

This problem statement has been designed for developer who has very good understanding in Lightning Web Component.

Business want to see a consolidated view of pending approvals along with related record fields info. Standard Salesforce report and dashboard does not allows us to add related record object fields.

Technical Architect suggested to write a Lightning Web Component with these features:-

  1. It should tab set to display approval records categorized based on related object
  2. Current Implementation has approval process on Opportunity, Account and Case
  3. Each row in data table should show approval step with pending status
  4. Opportunity Tab in tab set should show Stage, Amount & Type columns along with approval object fields column
  5. Account Tab in tab set should show Account Name, Email & Billing City columns along with approval object fields column
  6. Case Tab in tab set should show Subject, Related Account & Owner columns along with approval object fields column

Business also wants to download the pending approval records as CSV file. Hence, We also require a download button in Lightning Web Component.

While working on the requirement, You should keep in mind:-

  1. There can be more than thousands of pending approval
  2. sharing rules must be respected
  3. Record name should be displayed as hyperlink in data table
  4. Business may ask to add some filter option in future

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