Add Quick Action in highlight Panel on Case Object Lightning Record Page Even if feed tracking is enabled

There were many questions asked on various Salesforce developer form about why their quick actions are coming in feed tab (chatter component) instead of appearing in highlight panel on the case lightning record page. Check out these questions based on quick actions on highlight panel on case object in lightning:-

Good News in Winter 21 – Dynamic Action in Lightning App Builder

Winter 21 is coming with a cool feature which enables Salesforce Admins to setup dynamic action which enables you to configure and add visibility rules for actions on your record pages, directly from within the Lightning App Builder. It helps in managing the actions on your pages in the Lightning App Builder without touching the page layout editor.

Upgrading your lightning record page to dynamic actions solves your problem. You can now add actions on highlight panel on case object lightning record page even if feed tracking is enabled on case object.

Upgrade your Lightning Record Page to Dynamic Action

  • Go to Case Record Page in Lightning
  • Click on highlight panel, It will open properties pane for highlight panel in left side.
  • Click on upgrade now button
Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder
  • Once you had upgraded it, you will two option. Either you can migrate existing actions or you can start from scratch
Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder
  • If you select migrate, you will asked to select the page layout from which you want to migrate the actions. select a page layout as your wish and go ahead. If you select start from scratch, you need to add all the actions from the scratch.
  • I have started from scratch and added Change Status and Post actions using Lightning App Builder
  • Once done, you will see like this:-
Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder

If you observe, Change Status is a quick action which was also added on the page layout under mobile and lightning experience actions. It is coming now at two places – Under the feed tab as well as on highlight panel on the case record page. It is now admin wish to keep the action on feed tab or not. In order to take out the action from feed tab, Admin can just remove the action from page layout. The highlight panel will still have it as change status action is coming from dynamic action under lightning app builder.

Watch out this video from Salesforce Admins on Salesforce Dynamic Actions – How Salesforce Administrators Can Easily Control Visibility of Actions to understand how does it works.

Demo – lightning Action on Highlight panel even after feed tracking is enabled on Case Object Record Page in Lightning Experience

Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder

If you want to add chatter action in highlight panel, You can’t. They will still appear in feed tab.

Checkout more on Lightning Experience –


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