Your Own Launch Pad in lightning Experience

Are you looking to build a custom Lightning Web Component to create your own launch pad in Lightning Experience to add links to Lightning pages so that Users can navigate quickly? Well, Salesforce introduce Launch Pad standard Lightning Component you can add to any Lightning page. They create a shortcut to important places for your users. You can add any items that have tabs associated with them—standard and custom objects, Lightning web components, Lightning pages, Visualforce pages, and external websites. 

Configure Launch Pad in Lightning App Builder

The Launchpad component is available for all the three kind of pages in Lightning Experience:-

  • Home Page
  • App Page
  • Record Page

Follow below steps to setup the Launchpad component:

  • Edit the Lightning Page
  • Drag the Launchpad component from the available standard component on the canvas where you want to keep it
  • In the properties pane, Click on the select button to add navigation items
  • Save and activate the lightning page by clicking on activation button and then save button.
Launchpad in Lightning Experience

The launchpad appears as:

Launchpad in Lightning Experience
Lightning App Page
Launchpad in Lightning Experience
Lightning Record Page
Launchpad in Lightning Experience
Lightning Home Page

Facts about Launchpad in Lightning Experience

  • Make sure that your users have permission to view the tabs—they only see items that they have access to in the launchpad.
  • You can select up to 20 items. Users see the first six items you select, with the option to expand the launchpad to view more.
  • The best use case of the component is for mobile users. You can navigation items on the mobile home page.

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