1. Hi Sanket,

    This article is great!! one question, can we apply this solution for custom settings?


  2. Hi,
    This code is not working it has error in js
    It has a error ( No MODULE named markup://c:viewSource found : [markup://c:wireGetObjectInfo)

  3. Hi
    thanks for the reply
    I have a requirement
    1. Create an app to get custom field’s dependent components
    2. Create UI using LWC
    a. Dropdown to list all objects in the org
    b. Dropdown to list the custom fields of selected object
    c. Search button to show the results
    d. Show the result of the dependencies of selected custom fields
    i. Custom Field Name
    ii. Custom Field Type
    iii. Object
    iv. Dependent Component
    v. Dependent Component Type
    e. Use Apex code to get query results
    f. Create a button to get all dependencies of all the custom fields in the org
    i. Export the results to a CSV file
    3. Write Apex code to run SOQL queries
    a. Get all objects in the org
    b. Get all the custom fields of selected object
    c. Get the dependencies of the selected custom fields
    d. Get the dependencies of all custom fields

    For this can I have any references of yours

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