Sunday With Lightning Web Component

I have started an exciting journey of teaching Lightning Web Component to beloved #Ohana community. See the FAQs below.

Why you should learn Lightning Web Component?

Lightning Web Component has been recently introduced by Salesforce and it is suppose to replace the Aura based component. In one word, It is the the future.

Who are eligible for this program?

Anyone who understand Salesforce and willing to learn Lightning Web Component.

When it will Start?

It will start from 15th December, 2019 and occurs every Sunday.

How much time you need to spend in a week?

Each session will be of 2 hours.

What will be covered in this program?

It will start with basic concept and goes on.

What is the total number of seats available under this program?

There are total 50 seats available. It can be increased based on the response from community.

Does it requires a cost?

It is absolutely free of cost. It only costs your time and interest.

How to enroll for Sunday with Lightning Web Component?

Fill this survey:-

Note:- You are welcome to give feedback on how we can improve this program. Write your feedback here:-

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