Showing a Related List based on User Profile in Lightning Experience

Business Use Case: The business want to show and hide the Opportunity related list on Account record page based on User Profile in Lightning Experience.

Solution: Lightning App Builder gives you the option to do it without writing a single line of code. That’s amazing Right!!!

Steps to follow:-

  • Navigate to an Account Record Page
  • Click on Setup icon on the Right top of your desktop screen
  • Select Edit Page
  • You will see the Lightning App Builder with Account page open in edit mode
  • In left hand side, You can see all the standard and custom components available to use on your record page. Search for Related List – Single component and drag it on canvas
  • Once you have dragged your Related List – Single component on canvas, You can set the attribute to define the underlying object
  • select the object which you want as related list in Related List – Single Component.
  • Now, you can see opportunity associated with current account record come up in the Related List – Single Component,
  • In order to display it based on User’s Profile, We need to set the Component visibility.
  • You will find the set component visibility in properties pane in bottom corner in right hand side as shown in above image
  • Click on add filter
  • It will open a popup with option to apply filter. Select Advanced under filter type option
  • Click on select button available under field
  • It will show you four option(Permission, Record, Client, User). Select User
  • Another box will appear to select field associated with User. Select Profile and then Profile Name
  • Click on Done
  • Select the operator as equal and put your desired profile name in value field
  • Select done
  • Save your change and activate the page if not yet activated


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