List View Of Event in Lightning Experience after Summer’19

Till Spring’19, Salesforce Classic has Activity list views, which include tasks and events. Lightning Experience has Task list views, but Event list views aren’t available. Instead, users can see events on their calendars(not as Table view) or use global search to find specific events. Users can see events related to specific records on the Activity Timeline for those records. But what if you want to open the list view of the event.

But coming to Summer’19 release, The list view for the event will be available to you but not as Tab, it will be available under Calendar. If you want the List view as a tab, You have to create Lightning App Page.


                                                          From the Calendar Tab

  1. Navigate to Calendar Tab in Lightning Experience
  2. Click on the view option available on the right top of the screenUntitled
  3. It will come up with 4 options: Day, Week, Month and Table. I hope you are already familiar with Day, Week and Month views. Once you select Table, It will Open the Event List view with same capabilities other object’s List view has.Untitled.png

As a Lightning Tab

  1. From setup, search Lightning App Builder and select it.Capture.PNG
  2. Create a new App page and Name it as EventCapture
  3. Click on Next, select a one region screen and click on finishCapture
  4. It will open the App Builder screen, Drag List View Component on the screen and in the left hand side pane, select Event as Object Name. The property pane allows you to select a number of records you want to show at most in the List view. The drawback is you have to select a filter on your list view.Untitled.png
  5. Its time to save the page and activate it and add to the app.Capture

Its time to check what you have done. Click on App launcher and search for Event tab.Capture

Click on Event, it will navigate to you the Tab. It will like as below:Capture.PNG

You can not create List view from here. But yes if you want to create a list view, Follow the Calendar approach. There you can create list view of your own filters.

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